Honda Scooters 2023: Top 10 Models to Watch Out For

Honda Scooters
Honda Scooters

The scooter market is evolving rapidly, Honda Scooters and Honda remains a key player with its innovative designs and technology. In 2023, Honda introduced a range of scooters that cater to various needs, from daily commuting to leisurely rides. This article explores the top 10 Honda scooters for 2023, highlighting their features, specifications, and what makes them stand out. Whether you are looking for fuel efficiency, advanced technology, or sheer riding pleasure, Honda has something for everyone.

1. Honda Activa 6G

The Honda Activa 6G continues to dominate the scooter market in 2023. Honda Scooters Known for its reliability and smooth performance, the Activa 6G is equipped with a 110cc engine that provides excellent fuel efficiency. The scooter features an advanced programmed fuel injection system, enhanced smart power (eSP), and an eco-friendly engine that meets BS6 emission standards. Additionally, the Activa 6G comes with a new silent start with ACG (Alternating Current Generator), making the starting process smooth and noise-free. The double lid external fuel fill and LED DC headlamp enhance convenience and visibility, making it a top choice for urban commuters.

Key Features:

110cc BS6 compliant engine

Enhanced Smart Power (eSP)

Double lid external fuel fill

Silent start with ACG

LED DC headlamp

2. Honda Dio

The Honda Scooters Dio is a favorite among young riders, thanks to its sporty design and vibrant colors. In 2023, the Dio comes with a 110cc engine that offers a perfect balance of power and efficiency. The scooter also boasts a digital instrument cluster, LED headlamps, and a mobile charging port, making it a modern and practical choice for urban commuting. The telescopic front suspension ensures a smooth ride over bumpy roads, while the stylish graphics and dual-tone color options add to its appeal. The Dio’s performance and aesthetics make it a standout option for young and dynamic riders.

Key Features:

110cc engine with programmed fuel injection

Honda Scooters Digital instrument cluster

LED headlamp and position lamp

Mobile charging port

Telescopic front suspension

3. Honda Grazia 125

The Honda Grazia 125 stands out with its stylish design and advanced features. This 125cc scooter is equipped with Honda’s eSP technology, which enhances both performance and fuel efficiency. The Grazia 125 features an LED headlamp, Honda Scooters a fully digital meter, and an idling stop system, making it a smart choice for tech-savvy riders. The aggressive styling, combined with the functional split grab rail, gives it a sporty look. The Grazia 125 also includes a multi-function switch and a side-stand engine cut-off, ensuring both convenience and safety for the rider.

Key Features:

125cc BS6 compliant engine

Enhanced Smart Power (eSP)

LED headlamp and DRLs

Fully digital meter

Idling stop system

4. Honda Activa 125

The Honda Activa 125 is designed for those who need a bit more power without compromising on fuel efficiency. With a 125cc engine, Honda Scooters the Activa 125 offers a smooth and powerful ride. It features a front disc brake, digital-analog meter, and an engine start/stop switch, ensuring convenience and safety. The silent start with ACG and the external fuel filling system add to the overall ease of use. Additionally, the Activa 125 comes with a full metal body, providing durability and a premium feel, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

Key Features:

125cc BS6 compliant engine

Digital-analog meter

Front disc brake

Engine start/stop switch

Silent start with ACG

5. Honda PCX 150

Honda Scooters The Honda PCX 150 is a premium scooter that combines luxury with performance. It features a 150cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers exceptional power and efficiency. The PCX 150 also comes with a smart key system, ABS, and a large under-seat storage compartment, making it ideal for long rides and daily commuting. The wide, comfortable seat and the all-LED lighting system add to its appeal. The PCX 150’s stylish design, coupled with its high-end features, makes it a top choice for those seeking a luxurious yet practical scooter.

Key Features:

150cc liquid-cooled engine

Smart key system

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Large under-seat storage

LED lighting

6. Honda Forza 300

Honda Scooters For those looking for a maxi-scooter, the Honda Forza 300 is a top contender in 2023. It features a powerful 300cc engine and a sleek, aerodynamic design. The Forza 300 offers advanced features such as traction control, electric screen adjustment, and a smart key system, providing both comfort and performance. The spacious under-seat storage can accommodate two full-face helmets, and the adjustable electric screen offers protection against wind, making it perfect for long-distance rides. The Forza 300’s blend of power, style, and advanced features makes it a popular choice among enthusiasts.

Key Features:

300cc engine with enhanced power

Traction control system

Electric screen adjustment

Smart key system

Spacious under-seat storage

7. Honda ADV 150

The Honda ADV 150 is designed for adventure enthusiasts. This rugged scooter features a 150cc liquid-cooled engine and a robust suspension system, making it perfect for off-road and urban adventures. The ADV 150 also comes with a two-level seat, adjustable windscreen, and ample storage space. Its aggressive styling and high ground clearance enable it to handle rough terrains with ease. The large, semi-digital instrument panel provides all the necessary information at a glance, while the LED lighting ensures visibility in all conditions. The ADV 150 is an excellent choice for those who love exploring new paths.

Key Features:

150cc liquid-cooled engine

Robust suspension system

Two-level seat

Adjustable windscreen

Ample storage space

8. Honda SH Mode 125

The Honda SH Mode 125 is a stylish and practical scooter that offers excellent fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. Honda Scooters It features a 125cc engine, a spacious flat floor, and an elegant design. The SH Mode 125 is equipped with Honda’s Idling Stop System and eSP technology, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. The large 16-inch front wheel provides stability, while the under-seat storage can easily fit a full-face helmet. The SH Mode 125’s blend of style, comfort, and practicality makes it a favorite among urban riders who seek both elegance and functionality.

Key Features:

125cc engine with eSP technology

Idling Stop System

Spacious flat floor

Elegant design

LED lighting

9. Honda Metropolitan

The Honda Metropolitan is a charming and retro-styled scooter perfect for city rides. Honda Scooters It features a 50cc engine that offers great fuel efficiency and ease of maneuverability. The Metropolitan also includes a large under-seat storage compartment, a combined braking system, and a convenient hook for carrying bags. The scooter’s compact design and lightweight frame make it easy to handle in traffic, while its retro aesthetics add a touch of nostalgia. The Metropolitan is ideal for those who appreciate classic styling and modern functionality in a compact package.

Key Features:

50cc engine with great fuel efficiency

Large under-seat storage

Combined braking system

Retro design

Convenient bag hook

10. Honda CBR500R Scooter Variant

While primarily known as a motorcycle, Honda Scooters the Honda CBR500R’s scooter variant is a notable addition in 2023. It features a 500cc twin-cylinder engine that provides a thrilling ride with excellent handling. The CBR500R scooter comes with ABS, a full LED lighting system, and a sporty design, making it a top choice for enthusiasts. The aggressive styling and advanced suspension system offer a sporty riding experience, while the dual-channel ABS ensures safety. The CBR500R scooter variant is perfect for those who want the thrill of a motorcycle in a more versatile scooter format.

Key Features:

500cc twin-cylinder engine

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Full LED lighting system

Sporty design

Advanced suspension system


Honda’s scooter lineup for 2023 Honda Scooters offers a wide range of options to cater to different preferences and needs. From the reliable Honda Activa 6G to the adventurous Honda ADV 150, there’s a scooter for everyone. Each model is designed with advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and rider comfort in mind, ensuring a superior riding experience. Whether you are a daily commuter, a young rider, or an adventure enthusiast, Honda scooters provide excellent performance and value. With their cutting-edge features and stylish designs, these scooters are sure to make your rides more enjoyable and efficient.


1. What is the best Honda scooter for daily commuting in 2023?

The Honda Activa 6G is the best Honda scooter for daily commuting due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and smooth performance. Its advanced features, such as the enhanced smart power (eSP) and silent start with ACG, make it an excellent choice for everyday use.

2. Which Honda scooter is ideal for adventure riding?

The Honda ADV 150 is ideal for adventure riding, Honda Scooters offering a robust suspension system and a powerful 150cc liquid-cooled engine. Its high ground clearance, adjustable windscreen, and ample storage space make it perfect for both urban and off-road adventures.

3. What features make the Honda Forza 300 stand out?

The Honda Forza 300 stands out with its powerful 300cc engine, traction control system, electric


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